Our Refill Program

Caring for our planet is a collaborative effort. When you buy from Apolethecary, know you are getting sustainable ingredients and packaging. With each purchase you are automatically opted-in to our refill program.

When you find yourself scraping the bottom the of the tin, banging the bottom of the bottle on a table, and praying for one last bit don't fret! Send us your empties, we'll refill them and send them right back!


Reduce your refill cost. Sending us your empty product for a refill helps keep costs low, a discount we give to you. Since you won't need brand new packaging, your refill is cheaper than buying brand new.


We reuse and refill the same packaging from your intial purchase and send it back out to you. This keeps our products in your hands and out of landfills., minimizing our carbon footprint. 


Don't want to deal with shipping your empty back and turnaround time? If you prefer to buy brand new each time (don't worry we get it), before checkout add a return label to your order so you can ship us your empty and immdiately start fresh without missing a beat! 


To order a refill, click here: Refill Me!